About Indemn

Making insurance a conversation 💬

We're on a mission to create self-serve insurance experiences that people love to use.

We've built the first fully conversation native insurance platform to make the whole process of learning about and purchasing coverage a breeze. We empower you with machine learning powered chatbots that can answer questions, generate customizable quotes, and execute service requests instantly.

As an independent agent we search the market for the best products and then make them available to you, all online, with just a simple conversation.

How We Do It

Conversational Artificial Intelligence

We build technology to make a confusing product simple to understand, and a traditionally long process short and intuitive. It's as easy as starting a conversation and going with the flow.

Answers to Insurance Questions

We strive to provide the answer to every insurance question you have. Our goal is to give you the power to summon insurance expertise at the stroke of a few keys.

Online Quote, Bind, & Service

We build digital insurance experiences for the best products in the market and from the highest rated insurance carrier partners. One place to ask, quote, compare, and buy.

Company Values

Fairness & Transparency 🤝

Fundamentally these principles are about respecting and valuing our customers.

Indemn is a new kind of insurance broker building self-serve products and communicating with customers online through machine learning powered conversations.

We believe that every customer should be able to make an informed decision when purchasing coverage, and we've built our platform to provide an always growing set of on-demand answers. Transparency is a core value and we operate knowing that long-term trust is more important than any single policy purchase today. We will never misrepresent or conceal information important in understanding an insurance contract.

As an insurance broker representing the interests of our customers, we consider it our duty to match budget and appetite for risk with the most applicable product available. It takes independence to deliver an insurance proposal most fit for purpose, and as an independent agent we partner with select insurance carriers to deliver on that goal. We choose our partners carefully to make sure their long-term perspective is aligned with ours, and that our customers always have access to a well intentioned and reliable claims team, if something unfortunate happens.

Sustainable Growth 🌲

At every stage of our growth, we will take steps as a company that scale towards making a positive environmental impact.

Additionally, we will delight our customers by providing options for them to be involved with every insurance purchase.

Our first step on this journey will be to plant a tree or donate to forest conservation initiatives with every policy purchased.

As Indemn matures we will engage in initiatives that create a more resilient world and scale along with our growth.


We are building a next generation insurance company. Indemn was seeded in an East Village, NYC apartment by two flatmates sharing their domain expertise.

It takes a team and if you're interested to join us please do not hesitate to reach out!

CoFounder Kyle Geoghan
Kyle Geoghan

Insurance Champion 🗽

I developed an interest in insurance at an early age, steeped in it at home as a kid watching my father work, and as a teenager while working at the independent agency my grandfather started in 1957.

I decided to follow on and become an independent agent myself because I derived immense pleasure from building solutions and answering all the insurance questions clients would come to me with.

However, after a while, I felt frustrated with the old way of doing things and started to look for new solutions. I soon joined a startup where I could be a part of building online insurance products, and I knew I found a missing piece to serving customers the way they deserve.

The last piece, and what inspires me everyday while building Indemn, is the leverage artificial intelligence provides. I'm now able to take what I love to do in serving insurance customers and scale the solutions to anyone, on their own time, with an experience they define.

CoFounder Patrick Daly
Patrick Daly

Technology Champion 🤖

Tech veteran building AI driven products for social good.

I have a background in building and scaling global tech stacks up to millions of users, working in startups across Sydney Australia, San Francisco & NY.

With a decade of experience as an engineer, manager and director, I have a special appreciation for the role of engineering culture in companies and of startups in the competitive landscape.

I love the challenges and the energy involved in building new products and businesses. The next generation of AI driven companies will be the most impactful wave yet.

Our History

  1. May 2021
    Company founded 🎉
  2. November 2021
    Weddings launched 🚀
  3. Q4 2021
    Currently raising 👋